Healing Stories
Places in South America Represented
Connecting the World Watch the progress. We have received stones from the blue countries. Do you live in the red countries? If so, mail us a stone from your homeland and watch for it to appear on the list below.

Help create the Healing Wall by e-mailing www.healingwall.org to your friends so they can explore the entire vision of the Healing Wall at the Peace Dome and learn how to contribute a native stone and story from their homeland.
Transformative Change
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Argentina | Bolivia | Brazil | Chile | Columbia | Ecuador | Falkland Islands | French Guiana | Guyana | Paraguay | Peru | Suriname | Uruguay | Venezuela
# Country State Providence Location of Rock Type of Rock
92 Muscovite (Mica)
82 Argentina "Beryl, beryllium"
86 Bolivia Santa Cruz tantalite
67A Brazil large Rose Quartz
67B Brazil small Rose Quartz
67C Brazil Black Tourmaline
67D Brazil Jadeite
67E Brazil Jadeite
67F Brazil Jasper
67G Brazil Jasper
67H Brazil White Quartz Crystal
67I Brazil Amethyst
67J Brazil Amethyst
67K Brazil Amethyst
85 Chile "gold ore, hematite"
138 Peru Pucacaca
138A Peru Pucacaca
138B Peru Pucacaca
138C Peru Pucacaca
162 Peru Paraca
31 Uruguay Amethyst
63 Venezuela Margarita Island
45 Limestone