Healing Stories
Places in Europe Represented
Connecting the World Watch the progress. We have received stones from the blue countries. Do you live in the red countries? If so, mail us a stone from your homeland and watch for it to appear on the list below.

Help create the Healing Wall by e-mailing www.healingwall.org to your friends so they can explore the entire vision of the Healing Wall at the Peace Dome and learn how to contribute a native stone and story from their homeland.
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# Country State Providence Location of Rock Type of Rock
77 Armenia
103 Armenia black obsidian
57A Austria sandstone
131 Croatia near Dubrovnik
171 Croatia Split marble rock
37A Czech Republic Phylitte
37B Czech Republic Phylitte
9A England Somerset Quartzit Quartz
9B England Somerset Brown Jasper
33 England Oxfordshire Limestone
35 England Glastonbury Dolestone
127 England Southwold
81B England London
47 France Cannes
48 France Nice
46 Germany Quartz crystal
2 Italy Rome Igneus Volcanic Ash with Pyroclastic Blast
60 Italy Carrera Marble
177A Lithuania Siauliai
177B Lithuania Siauliai
177C Lithuania Siauliai
177D Lithuania Siauliai
177E Lithuania Siauliai
177F Lithuania Siauliai
177G Lithuania Siauliai
177H Lithuania Siauliai
177J Lithuania Siauliai
170A Norway Gneiss
170B Norway Gneiss
170C Norway Gneiss
170D Norway Hornfel
170E Norway Granulit
170F Norway Hornfel
170G Norway quartz
170H Norway Felspar
170I Norway granite
170J Norway granite
170K Norway granite
170L Norway granite
170M Norway granite
170N Norway granite
170P Norway gneiss
50 Portugal
132 Slovenia Lake Bled
49 Spain Torromolines
123 Spain Galicia Limpet -shell
172 Ukraine sandstone quartz
157 Wales Pembrokeshire limestone